Packetpeek, a Simplistic Form of IOT

The BIOT is specially designed to be the simplest way to monitor your home or office.
Lightweight, modular, and easy to install.

What can a BIOT do?
Monitor how hot or cold (or just right) it is.
Soil Moisture
Make sure your plants are happy and healthy.
Flood Detection
Immediately know if a water leak or flood is detected.
Access Monitoring
Keep an eye on when your home or office is accessed.
Battery Monitoring
See just how long batteries can last in our devices.
Email Alerts
Be kept up to date on the status of your home or office.

Our Technologies

The BIOT is specially designed as a low-tech, high functionality device. Its simplistic design features no buttons or switches, no screens, no plugs, rather favouring the "set it and forget it" mentality. By inserting the batteries, the device is turned on and ready to be set up through its network interface. It can then be placed in your home to monitor its environment, and report its findings back to Packetpeek for your viewing and monitoring.

The device's superior power management and abundance of sensors means you can collect high value data for up to 5 years.

The BIOT can send its packets of information wirelessly through any standard home router. Your data then arrives at Packetpeek's servers, where it's analysed, processed, and then stored. As a result, you can easily access your home's data securely from anywhere in the world through our convenient dashboard.

With our server footprint expanding to multiple locations across North America, we'll offer high speed, high availability access to our online services. Need a service tailor made? Contact us about it today to find out what the Packetpeek Network can do for you.

The BIOT operates alone, but is happiest in groups. Owning multiple devices enables you to take advantage of many more features, including heat zone averaging, doorway access tracking, and more. Whether you own one device, or a hundred, you can expect the same high quality data from each one, only improving the more you scale.

Packetpeek features a list of powerful device administration tools allowing you to reconfigure your devices, manipulate and group your data, and set up alerts and notifications all from your account settings.
Our Goals

Our Vision of the Future

Our goal is to offer a scalable, easily implementable, multi-purpose IOT platform ready to fluently handle your data and seamlessly integrate into your everyday life.


Our devices have no cameras or microphones, and don't log any network traffic whatsoever. What you see in your dashboard is what we're sent. That's it, that's all.


We offer an affordable way to pair our devices with your interface! Packetpeek's REST API allows access to your device's data through JSON, in an easy to implement solution.