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Welcome to the new, and improved Packetpeek Platform!
The Packetpeek Platform has been rebuilt from the ground up to be leaner, and more efficient than ever. Written in Go, Packetpeek seeks to be cross compilable, modular, scalable, and hyper-simple to implement. The Packetpeek Platform can be installed to any webserver, running virtually any Operating System, in a matter of minutes.

Currently in development, this platform will continue to evolve and grow with a plethora of useful features and services — all optional and configurable through simple configuration templates (wizards will be available), see below for an up-to-date chart on features in development/planning phases.


The Packetpeek Platform is designed in a B2B (Business 2 Business) model. Businesses can purchase or license the entire platform for their own implementations. *Monetizable, and easy to set up and maintain, the Packetpeek Platform is a great way for SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) to augment their service offerings without the heavy initial (or perpetual) investment for a private white-label platform. Customers who purchase this Platform will run it in their own infrastructure, which means the data remains with them. This platform can be installed to hardware ranging from a Raspberry Pi, to onsite servers, to Virtual Private Servers in minutes and is instantly ready to handle IoT Data from Prosensors, Inc devices.

Have a specific device your business needs supported? Get in touch with our development team! Email to support@packetpeek.com, or post a message in Telegram at https://t.me/packetpeek - We love hearing from our users!
*Through industry leading payment plugins, future development


sts, priority
Server Wizard
45% …
Create configuration wizards to make setup and/or reconfiguration a snap. Migrating to Docker/RaspberryPi and server config file.
Password Reset
35% ⇧
Add function to reset password if forgotten, and change it from user settings.
Payment Processing
5% ⇩
Add the ability to process payments through industry leading plugins to ensure security of user data and reliability of services. We won't compromise or rush this feature.
Alert Silence
10% ⇩
Create the ability to have silent periods for door alerts. Example, knowing when AirBnB client arrives, but silencing door alerts for the duration of their stay until their scheduled departure.
25% ⇧
Enable access to data from external applications through RESTful API along with access keys for security.
Alexa Support
10% ⇧
(Must have API first) Enable support for calls like "Alexa, what's the temperature in {livingroom}?", as well as "Alexa, how many times was {front door} opened today?"
Improved Logging
40% ⇧
Create a more powerful and verbose logging system with levels and categorization so log analysis can pinpoint abnormal behaviour with higher precision and efficiency.
Log Monitoring
15% ⇧
Bundle server with pre-configured GoAccess, tool for visualization of log metrics.
Task Management
0% ⇩
Create backend functions to maintain this list, and possibly add features to it.