About Packetpeek

At Packetpeek, we strive to make your data accessible to you any time, anywhere. We know big data companies love to make things seem more complicated than they are, or use cliché slogans like "big data, made easy" but our mission really is to make it simple, and keep it that way. Our intuitive interface makes everything you need to know available at a glance, and we continuously add new and innovative features. Packetpeek is proud to be partnered with Prosensors Inc., developer of the devices in your home, to bring you a product truly everyone can enjoy.

Why Us?

Why use Packetpeek? Our streamlined interface means you can ignore the data you don't need, and focus on what matters to you. Future updates will include remappable dashboards, a melody creation studio for identifiable audio queues, a sleek mobile interface, friendly SMS notifications, and lots more; including suggestions from our users. By pairing our free interface with devices designed with far superior power management, and a multitude of useful sensors, you can equip your home with a long lasting, cost effective solution to always keep an eye on the data that counts.

Our Platform

Packetpeek is hosted on a premium VPS, which means we rent server space from our provider, Linode. Linode hosts Packetpeek on a scalable, high speed network located all across the United States. While this does offer us a great infrastructure solution, we don't have physical access to our hardware. Meaning, if there's an issue at the datacenter we're currently located in, our service gets interrupted. We will soon begin expanding our platform to multiple locations throughout North America to offer high service availability, and maximize performance.