Packetpeek Announcements

Dashboard Overhaul
posted by: Jonah St-Francois 12:42pm, Feb 1, 2017

Packetpeek is proud to announce we've redone our Dashboard, as well as made it mobile-friendly! You can now check your devices from your laptop, tablet or phone and it'll look great! There remains a few oddities stemming from Firefox based browsers, but we're hard at work ironing out the kinks.

Let us know what you think!
Site Colour Contrast
posted by: Jonah St-Francois 4:57pm, Jan 26, 2017

New generation phones (generally 2017+) have changed display technologies from LCD to OLED, which has greatly improved their abilities to display higher and higher resolutions, with higher and higher pixel densities. The problem, however, is that they are not very great with low-brightness high-contrast dynamic images.

You may notice that when scrolling on a phone with the backlight set to a dim setting, that some of the darker images will appear to "ghost", or leave momentary trails behind them. This is an issue with the screen type itself, and not Packetpeek as a site. A mitigation to this is to turn up the brightness of your screen while you browse high contrast content.
Packetpeek Performance
posted by: Jonah St-Francois 12:30am, Jan 25, 2017

Packetpeek Server Performance has been impacted.

In light of the semi-recent Intel CPU security vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown, our server host Linode has been updating it's CPU microcode firmwares and rebooting its machines as needed. Unfortunately, the patches released by Intel have not been very effective in mitigating these issues, and other related issues, and therefore things may be 'touch-and-go' for a time, while the industry finds ways around these complex issues.

We appreciate your understanding of the fact that packets may be dropped if devices try to update during a scheduled, or emergency reboot, and that there is nothing we can do to avoid these potential issues.
Packetpeek Social!
posted by: Jonah St-Francois 5:34pm, Dec 12, 2017

Check out our Social Area page to find our new web chat interface!

We at Packetpeek strongly believe in communication, with our developers, with our clients, and with our partners; so we're introducing a new way to get in touch with members of our community. Our Social Area features an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) window, where you can log into our online chat room (no account needed) and converse with developers and fellow BIOT owners.

Have an issue you need information about, or a suggestion/request? Our chat interface is the quickest way to get answers.
We'll be expanding on this feature later on, with features such as forums and possibly developer streams.

Find it in our navigation menu: "Contact Us!" -> "Chat"
New Device Configuration Menu!
posted by: Jonah St-Francois 5:00pm, Dec 12, 2017

Check out our brand new Device Settings page to configure your devices with all new features! You can now configure when to be alerted to door activity (when it opens, when it closes, if it's left open, if it's left closed, or no door alerts), as well as how often to be reminded of flood events being detected!

We are also proud to announce a new feature we're calling "Silent Night," where you can have your device operate silently between any 2 hours of your choice. Simply select a starting hour, and an ending hour, and the device will operate without singing its song during that timespan every day. You may also set a unique timezone for each device, so that the Silent Night feature works anywhere in the world.

Find it in our navigation menu: "My Services" -> "Device Settings"