Packetpeek Privacy Policy

Table of contents:

1. General

2. What Info We Collect

3. What We Do With Your Data

4. Advertisers

5. Other Notable Points

1. General

This privacy policy describes Packetpeek's policy regarding the collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to Packetpeek's website ( and all related websites, applications, services and tools provided by Packetpeek, regardless of how you access the sites and services, including access through mobile devices.

Packetpeek as a site can be accessed with or without an account; the IoT* platform, however, requires you to create an account and verify your email address. By using Packetpeek and its services, you give explicit consent to Packetpeek for the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information by us, as laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Packetpeek may change this Privacy Policy occasionally as development continues. We advise you to revise it regularly. We will, however, notify you by email for any major changes that may occur in future revisions.

* IOT stands for Internet of Things, which generally refers to internet connected home appliances, devices, toys, etc.

2. What Information We Collect

If Packetpeek is visited without an account, and no forms are filled out, no personal information is kept other than standard web log information*. When you decide to register an account, you agree that information is sent to and stored on our servers. Information we collect when you register an account includes, but is not limited to:

i.    Information you provide by filling out the registration form
ii.   Information you provide by filling out any contact forms or support tickets
iii.  Information about your location and/or the location of your device

Once you register a BIOT** device with our IoT platform, you explicitly agree to permit the device to send information to our servers. That information is part of its function and includes and is not limited to:

i.    The device's unique ID for device registration and identification purposes
ii.   The nickname you chose to give each unique device to visually identify it in your dashboard
iii.  The device's battery levels to track its power consumption and know when to change the batteries
iv.   The temperature the device reads from its environment
v.    The moisture levels picked up by the probes on the device for plant water level tracking (optional)
vi.   The value of the device's hall effect sensor used to notify its owner if the door it's mounted to opens (optional)
vii.  The email address used to register the device to its user's account
viii. The 4 character PIN used for extra security during device registration
ix.   The time set between packet updates to Packetpeek servers

* Standard web log information refers to standard information echanged by the browser and servers it accesses. More information can be had: here

** BIOT refers to the device designed by Prosensors for use with this platform. More information can be had: here

3. What We Do With Your Data

The personal information provided by registrating with Packetpeek and/or filling out forms stays with Packetpeek exclusively and will never be shared or sold. Data sent to Packetpeek servers by all BIOT devices is openly and securely shared with Prosensors, Inc. for use by the device's creator for performance monitoring and for hardware issue resolution. Some non-identifiable information, such as temperature readings or geographical location may be used for advertisement purposes and to help improve the platform and its services.

Your IP address is used to locate your city and provide weather data sourced from local weather stations and airports, but is not passed to the services we use to gather the weather data. This method is not as accurate as direct inquiry, but we value personal information and accept the level of accuracy from the current configuration in order to preserve our user's privacy.

4. Advertisers

Packetpeek in its current state has begun to host ads through Google Adsense. Any independent advertisers we agree to host will be preapproved, filtered, tasteful and will never interfere with our content or your experience. This section will be updated once we're ready to provide hosting services to appropriate independent advertisement networks. If you see an ad that upsets you, please contact us through our online contact form and we will investigate its source.

5. Other Notable Points

Unless explicitly provided otherwise in this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy applies only to the use and transfer of information we collect from you. Packetpeek has no control over the privacy policies of third parties that may apply to you. As a result of this, we keep a very close eye on what information we disclose to third party applications, and we outline what we provide in this Privacy Policy. We therefore encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time and to ask questions before you disclose your personal information to us or others.

For information on User Agreements, please refer to our User Agreement.
Updated: 2017-11-05.